Would Dental Implants help my Smile?

One question that many people begin to wonder after they lose a tooth or have a damaged tooth is what to do about this. Having a missing or damaged tooth actually has some pretty bad health effects, from lowering the confidence that you have, to making eating and drinking that much more painful. For many people, this is often something that they consider, and with your Santa Clarita dentist near, you might be able to find a different solution to replace this tooth. You might be frustrated with this, but often, the best bet is a dental implant. Why is that? Well, you’re about to find out the long-term and reliable effects to improving the smile that you desire to have.

Now, a dental implant is a replacement for the whole tooth, including the root area of the tooth. This is then fixed to a post that is bio-compatible, and then, it is attached to your jawbone. This is made out of titanium, and the artificial tooth or the bridge that you need is made out of porcelain. These implants are often taken care of just like other teeth, and as long as you take care of them, they can even last your entire life.

Now, the first thing you should learn is the procedure. In essence, they are putting the post into the socket located in the jaw. This is secured, and often once it’s in, it takes a few months to heal and for it to secure into place. You then have something called an abutment put in. this is secured to put the tooth in, and it will let the soft tissues heal once more. Once that is in, your dentist will then put the mold of the teeth into there and then put in the tooth as well from there.

Now, there are many conditions that can benefit from these implants. They are the best for replacing teeth, but you have to make sure that you have a couple of conditions in place. Your gums must be healthy, and you must have enough bone near the jaw to anchor these into place. Often, if a child still has developing jaws, they won’t get this procedure, nor will anyone that is a heavy smoker, has a chronic disorder such as uncontrolled diabetes, and those with teeth grinding issues. You should talk to your Santa Clarita dentist if you believe that this is the right solution for you.

Now, you can consider implants right away, or you can talk to your doctor about it. However, if you’re a good candidate for this, it’s something you should definitely consider due to the myriad of benefits. These implants are very similar to natural teeth, and it will protect the bone in your jaw and the surrounding teeth. These often don’t require any special procedures, unlike dentures where you have to commit to a process in order to put them in. normally, the only thing that you do have to do is to make sure that you clean them just like regular teeth. There is also the factor that there aren’t restrictions on what you can and can’t eat, so you can essentially eat whatever you want without something slipping or falling out, which is something impressive as well.

Finally, there is the consideration of face shape. Since they are placed permanently into the mouth, the patient won’t have to avoid the movement and the slippage of the appliance put in there. unlike with dentures, when this is in, it’ sin, so you definitely want to consider this. The only downside is that insurance might not cover this due to the fact that it is a cosmetic procedure, however if there is an underlying health consideration, then it might be something to look into.

For many people, having these put in can save their dental health, and benefit their life in so many different ways. You should consider this when you’re trying to put in for a new solution to your oral health. Dental implants are often the way to go when it comes to this, and it’s something that everyone should consider for their teeth.


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