The Longevity of Dental Veneers

If you want to restore your smile, dental veneers may offer you the best solution. A dental veneer is a thin material which covers the front of the tooth. So, whether it’s staining, decay or uneven bite, you can get your smile improved with the help of dental veneers.

Now, you may wonder about the risk of damage to those veneers. The veneers can get damaged when you are not careful about them. The veneers may be composed of cemented dental materials but they are not indestructible. In this scenario, you may think about the longevity of veneers. It mainly depends upon how well you take care of them.

Cosmetic fix that lasts for years

Dental veneers are quite sturdy. They can last for 12 – 15 years if you take good care of them. The veneers may need repair or complete replacement depending upon the type of damage they receive. Therefore, the longevity of dental veneers ultimately depends upon the wearer.

Here, you may wonder about the habits which can be detrimental to the dental veneers. Well, the habits which can damage your teeth are also the ones which can damage your dental veneers. Veneers can chip and break like natural teeth. Therefore, you need to be careful while biting down on the hard foods. Moreover, veneers can get stained due to exposure to tea, coffee and other teeth staining foods and beverages.

Ensuring better longevity of veneers

After getting veneers, you will not want them to get damaged or stained anytime sooner. While there is nothing much you can do to enhance the natural lifespan of dental veneers, you can surely follow some instructions to make sure that these veneers last for as long as they should.

  • You have to make sure that you practice good oral hygiene. Brushing at least twice in every day and flossing for at least once are the basic requirement that you will need to fulfill.
  • If you play contact sports, you need to make sure that you are wearing suitable oral protection in order to prevent any damage to be inflicted to your teeth. Any blow to the facial area can be quite disastrous for your teeth. Therefore, it is critical to get your teeth completely covered against such blows.
  • Many people have this bad habit of using their teeth as tools. You have to make sure that you are not opening a bottle or loosening a knot with the help of your teeth. This practice can damage your teeth and any restoration work quite badly.
  • If you have the habit of grinding your teeth, you need to find a quick and effective fix for this habit. Grinding your teeth can lead to permanent damage to your teeth, crowns and veneers.

You can improve your smile with the help of dental veneers but you have to make sure that you are taking good care of those veneers. You can consult your dentist to get instructions about the best ways to maintain your smile.


Author: Renato Thornburg

A real dynamo when it comes to merchandising robots for the underprivileged. Spent a year testing the market for bassoons in Washington, DC. Once had a dream of deploying electric trains in New York, NY.

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