Back to School Dental Tips for You and Your Children

When it’s time for your kids to go back to school, there are a lot of lists you’ve got to check off. Backpack? Yep. Annual check-up at the doc? Check. New clothes. Mhm. Dental appointment?

That’s one that sometimes gets left by the wayside and parents forget about. With so many different things to focus on, we don’t blame them, but it’s one thing that is quite important to keep up on.

If you’re looking for some dental tips for your kids now that school is coming back around, look no further.


You’ll want to make sure you plan ahead, no matter if it’s between cookouts, trips and everything else on your family’s summer bucket list. It can be easy for school to sneak up on you. Unfortunately, many parents may not think about making that appointment until August, which can be a bit late trying to get your child in for their checkup.

Give yourself enough time by making it a habit to call when your child gets their spring report card each year. It never hurts to plan ahead.

Don’t be anxious.

If you’re feeling weird about it, your kids will be too. You know how they sort of know things about your or what you’re thinking before you even tell them what you’re thinking? Yeah, that’ll come into effect here. It’s important to be confident when going in to the dentist with them so they feel like it’s not a big deal. But if you’re uncomfortable going in, they definitely will be for then on too. Like mother like daughter or like father like son, you’ll rub off on your kids actions if you don’t stay calm and in control.

Encourage good habits.

Try to keep your kids on track with their good dental habits by rewarding them at night or during the day. The better they do, the more they’ll be praised. Encourage them brush twice a day and floss once a day!

Timing matters.

If you have an appointment for your child scheduled, make sure it’s at the right time of day for them. If they’re young and it’s around naptime, they’ll be cranky. For any older children, you don’t want to cram an appointment in right after school. A lot of kids won’t have the energy to do that. They can be a handful for the dentist and may also come to resent going to the dentist in the future.


Author: Renato Thornburg

A real dynamo when it comes to merchandising robots for the underprivileged. Spent a year testing the market for bassoons in Washington, DC. Once had a dream of deploying electric trains in New York, NY.

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